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(photo credit: kid fury)

Hi! Excuse my watermelon. I’m Crissle, and I’m a writer/pop culture commentator.

What I do: I co-host The Read with my friend Kid Fury, where we discuss celebrity bullshit, answer questions from listeners, and snap on the topics that piss us off the most. I host hour-long music blocks as a connector on Beats 1 radio (part of Apple Music), and I go on TV occasionally to vent about race relations and racial identity in American culture without using too many big words.

Where I’m from: I was born in the south and raised in the Bible belt, so that explains any country accent or latent conservatism you may hear in my voice. I moved to Harlem in 2012.

What I love: Being black, saying whatever I want, Crossfit, air conditioning, and Beyoncé.

Contact: crisslegwest @ gmail dot com